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  • Could you tell me the meeting time and place? What are the estimated hours for this project?
    Meeting Place: Katase Higashi Hama ( Enoshima) (a 10 minute walk from Katase Enoshima station on the Odakyu Enoshima line ) Time: 9:00 - Orientation for Group leaders/Clean up captains 9:30~10:00 - Reception and light breakfast 10:30~12:30 - Beach Clean (Approx 2 hours) 12:45 - Aperitif Buffet 13:45 - Announcement of clean up results/Lucky Draws 16:00 - End of Aperitif Buffet
  • How will we know if the beach cleanup is postponed due to the weather?
    We will post a notice on the websites and social media netwrok sites below. Please check (especially group leaders) one of them before leaving. Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Sites Instagram: @sego.official Email: SEGO Initiative Tel/Fax: 0466-24-5381 SEGO Initiative Face book Fan Page Soleil Provence Facebook Fan Page
  • Is there any insurance for volunteers?
    Yes there is event insurance for volunteers. Nevertheless, please check with your organization for more details.
  • When is the closing date for volunteers from corporate sponsors?
    Priority registration for sponsors (groups of staff and their families) opens one month before Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project (FBCP) day and closes one week before FBCP day. However as soon as you are able to do so, please send a list of the volunteers,and the names of group leaders or clean up captains for your group.
  • Is there any participating fee? If so, how much would it be?"
    There is no participation fee. The primary source of funding comes from corporate sponsorship. The secondary source is the sale of lucky draw tickets on clean up day.
  • One of our volunteers can only participate from 10:30~12:30.Is that alright?
    Yes, that's fine. We'll guide them to the place that they need to be whenever they arrive.
  • What should we wear ?
    Please wear your company or school T-shirts, hats and sturdy shoes. There are opportunities for volunteers to try sailing and reconnect witht the marine environment that we are trying to protect. If you would like to join the sessions, then please bring waterproof clothing and towels.
  • How to Donate?
    Please donate by Bank Transfer to the following account: Fujisawa Beach Clean Yokohama Bank - Kugenuma Branch Ordinary Account-1272751 For a receipt, please contact us by email. Thank you so much for your support.
  • Where do the net proceeds of the lucky draw ticket sales go?
    Net proceeds go towards funding Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project student and community participation, operations and volunteer programs.
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