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Helping to remove marine debris in this local seaside community, and providing scientific data for global research on marine ecosystem.

The Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project involves large biannual beach, park and jinja cleanups on the Fujisawa Enoshima coast in Shonan area and gathering data on marine debris. It is a tangible community activity that brings foreigners and locals together to do something good and to get to know each other better.

Twice a year, in the spring and the fall, the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project gathers volunteers for a beach cleaning day of service. 
The Spring Campaign is a special way to commemorate Earth Day.
The Fall Campaign is part of the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup Initiative.

Started in 2009, the platform of the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project has now been enhanced to include a sustainability showcase of events and programs. 


The chance to instill community service as an important value for you, your family and your team as well as:

  • Volunteer in an easy to understand way

  • Accomplish a tangible outcome- a clean safe beach

  • Build bonds within teams and families for a good cause

  • Support students and teachers with their classes

  • Be a part of big data collection and of a global environmental movement

  • Be a citizen scientist

  • (Re)connect with the marine environment that we are trying to protect


Have you ever walked along a beautiful beach and been surprised to find a piece of plastic at your feet?
You might be even more surprised to learn that together with volunteers like you, we’ve picked up more than 1186 kg of trash since 2009 on Fujisawa Enoshima Coast area.

See all statistic by year since 2009 >Available Upon Request.

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